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We are “Wild  about food”!... but not just any food. It needs to be fresh, tasty and natural. None of those food colourants or additives.  

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So, what could be better than the food that nature provides – wild food that you can pick in parks, woodlands and green spaces.


We are all used to picking stuff off a supermarket shelf. How about picking some fresh food for yourself?


Here we offer a brief wild food guide which will help you identify, collect, prepare and store wild food.


You can also buy some of our produce – a result of a careful and selective process involving hand-picking wild foods and preparing them in natural and traditional ways, ready to be enjoyed as delicious snacks, drinks, or as ingredients in preparing your

Wild Food dishes!

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Rosa canina hips (a Rose variety growing

commonly in the wild) contain 40 times

more vitamin C than lemon!

go wild about food!

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