Seasonal foraging

Every season (even winter!) has its own wild harvest. Plus, you don’t have to go far to find wild food. It is practically everywhere. Many wild foods grow in parks, green spaces, woodlands near you. Don't forget to check your back garden as well!
All you need to do is look!

Foraging wild food is free, fun, and good for you. Many wild foods have medicinal qualities and have been used for centuries to treat all sorts of health conditions such as colds, insomnia, indigestion and many others.

Click on a season below to find out which wild foods can be foraged.

berries 128

Foraging tips

When foraging for wild herbs, berries or any other wild foods it is best to stay away from busy roads, railway tracks, dog walker’s paths, etc as you wouldn’t want to pick more than just a free range product!

It is also important to be sensible about what to pick.
The golden rule is – if you are not sure, don’t put it in your basket.

It is especially true for mushrooms as it is sometimes easy to mistake a really poisonous mushroom for a perfectly edible one!





Go Wild About Food!

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